Big Black Bootleg Standards

HEY! Read all this crap before you even think about contacting me about a bootleg trade. I've been swamped with requests for Everclear boots, so to make things easier on everyone, I hereby set forth the following trading standards. Please comply with them, or I reserve the right to ignore your inquiries. Seriously. I mean it.

  1. Send all inquiries to
  2. In your FIRST inquiry, tell me exactly which bootleg(s) you want, and tell me exactly what you are offering in exchange.
  3. Include your full name and mailing address.
  4. All boots must be recorded on a fresh Maxell XLII tape with no noise reduction or Dolby. High-speed dubbing is strictly forbidden!!
  5. Due to the sheer volume of bootleg requests I've been getting, I have been forced to resort to a policy of trading Everclear boots ONLY FOR OTHER EVERCLEAR BOOTS. Please don't ask me to trade them for blank tapes, money or non-Everclear material. If you do not own any Everclear boots, you can get most of the listed items from someone on the Alternate Bootleg List.
  6. I will trade only one full 90-minute tape per customer per trade. Don't write asking for every damn thing on my list. I hate that. What, you think I got nuthin better to do than sit around making tapes all day?!
  7. After you've confirmed the trade with me by e-mail, send your tape to:

    Brent Fusco
    204 W. Meadow St., Suite #1
    Fayetteville, AR 72701

  8. Thank you!

Yes Brent, I've read your damn bootleg standards, show me your damn list already!

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