E-Mail From Everclear!

I got the following e-mail from my new best friend Alexa on 11/20/95. Alexa works for WBRU in Providence, RI, and was kind enough to show the band this homepage when they were at the station for an interview.

Hey Brent!!!!

Art here. By the way, if anyone wants to flirt with me or have Craig's baby... you can just tell them that you are us, as long as we can see the pictures!!!

Love, Everclear.


Craig here. I have January off and a video cam, so if you have any good ones coming up, I'm ready. Thanks for taking the time to do all this great stuff for us. It all looks great!!!!! Keep it up, we hope to meet you someday -- please come up and say hi! Thanks again!!

(By the way, Brent, that really was written by Everclear. I'll explain to you soon why they're here in my office. G'night!)

In case you're wondering, Art's and Craig's references are in response to a note I used to have on the homepage informing visitors that I was not a member of Everclear but merely a common web geek, so not to bother offering me sexual favors. As their notes prove, Art and Craig are generous guys.

I got this next e-mail from Greg Eklund on 12/3/95. Thanks Greg!

Hey Brent,

This is Greg "The Scandinavian Oak Tree" Eklund and I'm writing to you from Portland. We just got home from playing Seattle last night, Dec. 2, with Tripping Daisy, Oasis, Jawbreaker, the Rentals, Sonic Youth and Porno for Pyros. There were over 5,000 people there and we had a great show!! Tomorrow we fly out to Boston where we will play on Dec. 5th. But i just wanted to let you know that on our last couple of tours spread over the last three or four months, everywhere we have gone people have asked us if we have seen your "Nehalem." We, being computer illiterates, had not, and so finally with the help of friends we were able to check it out. We were amazed!!! On the very few times we have had a quick access to "Nehalem" we have really enjoyed your writings and info about the band. So anyway, I know what you are thinking, if I'm computer illiterate, how can I be writing you now? My computer genius dad is helping me send this from his house. Well, I've been so fascinated by what you are doing and what you have done that during our January break (our first since last January), I'm going to learn all this high-tech on-line crap. Hopefully I will be buying a laptop to take on tour with me, so maybe I can help you out with tour dates and stuff. Well, thanks again for all your support of the band and I look forward to high-teching with you in the future!

P.S. I'm working on some new interpretive dances starting with our tours in Feb. 96.

Another e-mail from Greg on 1/21/96:

Hey Brent!!!

I did it, I'm online!!! I'm writing you using my very own notebook. I'm not really "surfing" yet, actually more like wading, through the internet but I'm doing it. Once again I want to say that I've enjoyed reading all the new stuff on Nehalem, but just for the record my beautiful dog's name is Coby not "Colby". I'm really excited about having my computer and hope I can use it to answer some questions from any fans about the band and our music. We are leaving to go on tour here pretty soon after our month off for the holidays and we are ready! We tour so much that it is almost too weird to be sitting around in our home town just hanging out. Last minute changes in the schedule won't really let me give you an accurate US itinenary, but I see you've already got the Europeon dates from our main man Smiling Dick. Oh ya, I almost forgot our beloved Sean Tichnor [tour manager] has left us to go onto better things like starting his own band and we wish him all the best. So that's it for now, but I will continue to be in touch.

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