The Official Everclear Mailing List

By popular demand, White Lightning, the official Everclear e-mail mailing list, has returned! And now it's automated and better than before! It's free, so you have no excuse not to subscribe. What's more, Everclear's drummer Greg Eklund receives a copy of each issue and has been known to contribute tour reports, send trivia and respond to readers' questions!

To get in on the action, follow this simple process (but follow it EXACTLY, with no typos, or it won't work):

  1. Send an e-mail to majordomo@lists.enteract.com.
  2. In the main text of the message (not the subject), type:

    subscribe white-lightning (your e-mail address)

    Or, if you want to subscribe to the digest version, type:

    subscribe white-lightning-digest (your e-mail address)

  3. Sit back, wait for your confirmation message, and post at will!
Not sure what the difference between the Standard and Digest versions is? Read on:

White-Lightning: With this version, every item that anyone submits is e-mailed directly to you as soon as they send it. You should choose this version only if you like getting LOTS of e-mail.

White-Lightning-Digest: With this version, you receive a single digest e-mail, usually daily except on weekends, that includes every message anyone has submitted over the course of the previous day(s). This is the best version for mailing list newbies.

Prefer an unofficial, moderated mailing list? Check out Alex Steininger's Everclear newsletter at the Nehalem Times Homepage.

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