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Forthcoming Releases

The following is everything currently known about Everclear's forthcoming releases. If the info you're looking for isn't included here, please don't write me asking for more details -- this is all I got!

Title: Jabberjaw Club Compilation, Pure Sweet Hell #6
Release Date: September 24, 1996
Number of Songs: Unknown
Known Song Titles: "How Soon Is Now?" plus songs by other bands.

Other Details: This is Volume Six in a series of compilations featuring songs by bands that have performed at the Jabberjaw Club in L.A. On this one, Everclear contributes a cover of the Smiths song, "How Soon Is Now?" For more details, see the Addicted To Noise article.

Title: Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack
Release Date: Unknown
Number of Songs: Unknown
Known Song Titles: "Local God," plus songs by other bands, including Garbage, Radiohead, Butthole Surfers, et al.

Other Details: As you can tell, I don't know much about this yet.

Title: Cheap Trick Tribute Compilation (official title unknown)
Release Date: Unknown
Number of Songs: Unknown
Known Song Titles: "Southern Girls," plus songs by other bands.

Other Details: All I know for sure is that Art is a big Cheap Trick fan.

NOTE: This is not the actual cover; it's just my "artist's conception."

Title: Pure White Evil (tentative)
Release Date: Late summer, 1997 (tentative)
Number of Songs: 22-25
Known Song Titles: "Otis Redding," "The Swing," "Lame," "Annabella's Song," "Culver Palms (Or Why I Don't Belive In God)," others unknown. The album will definitely not include "Hateful" or "Go Speedracer."

Other Details: Everclear will be heading to the studio in November to record their next album, tentatively titled Pure White Evil. Currently, the idea is to include as many as 22-25 songs. However, the number of songs may vary depending on the format in which you buy it. Art wants it to be a single CD ("I think double-CDs are kind of pretentious," said Art), so it will include as many songs as fit. However there will be bonus tracks on the vinyl version and on a special version of the CD that will be sent only to college radio stations. Also, Art has suggested that he may allow me to include some of the bonus tracks or outtakes on Nehalem. Some of the songs that we can expect to see on the album include new versions of such previously released rare tracks as "Lame" and "Annabella's Song." Also, in the tradition of "Heartspark Dollarsign" and "Twistinside," Art will be reviving another song from his Colorfinger days, "Culver Palms (Or Why I Don't Believe in God)." He says it just happens to fit perfectly with the theme and feel of the new album, which should be good news to anyone who's heard the original version of the song -- it is indeed one of the most emotionally powerful songs he's ever written (and it's the song that convinced me, for one, that Art was a songwriting genius). Stylistically, Art has said that Pure White Evil is likely to be "a lot more intense and bleak" than Sparkle and Fade.

NOTE: This is the original cover art; new cover may vary.

Title: Colorfinger, Deep In The Heart Of The Beast In The Sun
Release Date: Sometime in 1997, presumably after Pure White Evil
Number of Songs: 12 (plus six bonus tracks)
Song Titles: "Kill the Sun," "Anita Sonic Love," "Eleanor Young," "Carolea," "Culver Palms (Or Why I Don't Believe In God)," "13 Years," "Separation," "The Color Pit," "Chucklehead's Lament," "Static," "?(The Gay Bar Song)," "Kill Jerry Garcia"
Bonus Song Titles: "Heartspark Dollarsign," "The Twistinside," "I Fall to Pieces," "Rocky Mountain High," "Mr. Greenjeans Evil Twin (George Bush Part 2)," "Big Black Boots"

Other Details: This is the re-release of the album by Art's pre-Everclear band, Colorfinger, which was originally released in 1989. Art has said he will remix the album before its release and will include the six songs from an untitled demo-only cassette that was released after Deep In The Heart. The album is dominated by autobiographical songs about Art's drug-addled past and the OD death of his older brother, George. Stylistically, the album ranges from hardcore cowpunk to gut-wrenching acoustic ballads and is, in my opinion, a collection of Art's best songwriting. The bonus tracks consist of somewhat lighter fare, including the original versions of "Heartspark Dollarsign" and "Twistinside" and revved-up covers of Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" and John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High." This should be considered an essential item in the collection of any dedicated Everclear fan.

I've heard rumors (and I stress rumors) that Art is planning to remix and then reissue World Of Noise and the Nervous and Weird EP. I have no expected release dates or other details. If this does happen, it may be safe to assume that N&W will not include the song "Drunk Again," which Art has described as "a really cheesy heavy metal song that I hope no one ever hears."

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