[9/24/96] Some new info from Jason Mauza, who assisted Everclear with mixing songs last week at Skip Saylors studios in Los Angeles: We were mixing a song called "Local God" for the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack that should be released very soon. We also mixed a track called "Southern Girls" for some Cheap Trick tribute album. The guys were really great to work with and the songs turned out great.
[9/23/96] In a recent Australian interview, Art mentioned that he currently has 24 songs ready to be recorded for Pure White Evil. Among the new titles is a song called "Otis Redding," which includes the lyrics, "I wish I could sing like Otis Redding/ I wish I could play my guitar in tune."
[9/12/96] News from Rhiannon about the Australian Tour: They are also playing at The Palace in Melbourne on the 30th of September, with the support act being the winners of a competition on Triple J (a very kick ass radio station!). They have to send in a demo of their band into the station, and the winners get to support the guys, and also they get to have one of their songs on Everclear's next single!!! Coolness huh?!!!
[8/21/96] Everclear contribute a cover of the old Smiths song "How Soon Is Now" to the new Jabberjaw club compilation, Pure Sweet Hell #6, which is set for release on September 24. The compilation is a collection of previously unreleased songs by bands that have performed at the Jabberjaw club in Los Angeles. For more details, read Addicted To Noise's article.
[8/13/96] According to MTV's Choose or Lose website, Art Alexakis will be appearing on a live chat from the Republican Convention sometime today. As of this posting, the time of the event had not yet been announced -- keep checking back to find out the time.
[8/12/96] From Jacob Rosenberg: When my friends spoke to Alexakis at a club in San Fran, he spoke of his plan to re-release and re-master the "World of Noise" album, something he said "sounds like shit." Could be cool. Don't know any more details.
[8/12/96] GREG EKLUND sent me this today to clarify the "American Girl" rumor: I really don't think that Indianapolis is the last time we will play "American Girl." However, it is one of the songs that we have played almost every night since I joined the band. Incidentally, "American Girl" was the very first song I recorded with Everclear in a basement studio in Richmond, Virginia, on a day off on my first tour with the boys.
[8/11/96] From Peter Ten Eyck: Yesterday (8/10) Art said that they were playing "American Girl" for the last time.... who knows whether he was being sarcastic or not but it's certainly bad news that they're THAT tired of playing the song.
[8/11/96] From Amanda Rodriguez: Just wanted to let you know that "Party Pitch" is the name of the Republican Convention thing and it will be on from Monday to either Thursday or Friday at 11:30 pm everywhere.
[8/10/96] TV NEWSFLASH: Art Alexakis and hip-hop provocateur Chuck D. (Public Enemy) will be correspondents on behalf of MTV at the upcoming Republican Convention. The ordeal will be taped Tuesday, Aug. 13, but no air date has yet been announced.
[8/10/96] From Derek Hines: "Well I just got back from the Sponge concert at La Luna in downtown Portland. It was a fuckin rad show. The second to last song Vinny said we need some special guests to help us with this song and 8 or 9 people crowd surfed thier way up and helped with the song when half way through the song some guy runs out on stage and moons the crowd and then turns around and it's non other than Mr. Montoya himself. Then out of the blue Greg Eklund comes out grabs some drum sticks and starts playin along with Sponge's drummer but Art was nowhere to be seen. Then after the show I was walking to my car when i see Craig talking with Sponge outside La Luna. I tried to go over and talk to them but some bitch stopped me. Just thought I'd inform you of what their up to."
[8/5/96] From Kevin Wenzel: After the Oklahoma City show on July 25, my friend and I talked with Art backstage. We mentioned to him our difficulties finding Nervous and Weird, and he said they were remastering it and were going to re-release it. Straight from the horse's mouth. Whatever that means.
[8/1/96] Everclear's "Santa Monica" has been nominated for Best Alternative Video in the MTV Video Music Awards.
[7/29/96] I spoke with Art Alexakis, Greg Eklund and Craig Montoya last Saturday at the Summerland performance in Kansas City and got the following juicy bits from them:
[7/25/96] I have it on good authority that MTV has given the video for "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" a big thumbs-up! Apparently they're planning to debut it on 120 Minutes this Sunday and then immediately drop it into rotation on Alternative Nation. Also, watch for cameos by Art's mother and assorted other band family members in the video. Another good reason to watch 120... the Butthole Surfers will be hosting!
[7/22/96] The new single and video, "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore," was officially released today. Call MTV and your local radio stations to get it on the air! I'm waiting for word on whether there will be a maxi-single.
[7/17/96] Everclear will be performing on MTV tonight at 9:00. The performance will be in support of the recently released Surfrider benefit album, "MOM: Music for Our Mother Ocean." Jewel and No Doubt will also be performing. Chances are the appearance will also be re-run at a later date.
[6/23/96] Everclear have recorded a version of the old cartoon title theme "Go Speedracer" for ESPN's NASCAR coverage. They've also been performing the song live recently.
[6/23/96] The current issue of Details magazine includes an essay by Art Alexakis about his older brother George, who died of a drug overdose.
[6/22/96] Everclear have taped a segment for MTV's Beach House that features live performances of their songs. The segment highlights the July 2 release of the Surfrider Benefit album, to which Everclear has contributed a song called "Hateful." The live performance also includes "Hateful." No word yet on when this will be aired, but chances are it will coincide with the album's release.
[6/22/96] The Doc Marten's shoe company is currently giving away a compilation CD including an Everclear track to anyone who buys a pair of their shoes. I don't know which song is on the disc, but chances are it's something from "Sparkle and Fade."
[6/13/96] The Saturday Night Live featuring Everclear's performance of "Santa Monica" will be rerun this weekend.
[6/11/96] From Diane Lum: "More news from the underground. I had the pleasure of seeing my boyz live tonight and let's just say that every bruise on my body was well worth obtaining! I talked to Craig himself and he told me that their next single will be "You Make Me Feel Like A Whore" for sure. No rumor! They will begin shooting the video in LA next week."

An excerpt from a recent article in the Calgary paper FFwd: "The song is really about anyone who has control over your life," explains vocalist and lyricist for the Portland-based trio, Art Alexakis. "Or that you've given control to. No one can take control unless they have a gun. And even then they can't make you think. They can make you walk places and do things, but they can't make you think. You make yourself feel like a whore 9 times out of 10. I think it could touch a nerve. If the video's right - not too threatening but a little rebellious." (As a bit of trivia, "Whore" was written as a reaction to an A&R man who pressured Art to change one of his songs.)

[6/5/96] Everclear's Summerland Tour begins in Portland, Oregon on June 26 and will include opening acts Tracy Bonham, 7 Year Bitch and Spacehog. After the summer tour, they'll be headed back to Europe and then to Australia and possibly even Russia. After the tour, the band plans to record their next album (tentatively titled "Pure White Evil") in November and December for an early 1997 release.
[6/5/96] You may have noticed that the video for "Heartspark Dollarsign," which was directed by controversial director Larry Clark, is actually credited to "Tom Maris." In a recent interview on MTV, Art Alexakis explains why: "He had an idea about the video that I really wasn't into. I was the one dissenting vote. And I'm the guy who... I went to film school; I've got big ideas on the way videos should run. I've never really been happy with our videos. Not even "Santa Monica", which was an invariable hit, I guess as videos go. But -- and the same thing with that video was that I came in and re-edited the video after they turned it in because the label didn't like it, and we didn't like it, management -- no one liked it. And I went in with the guy and worked on it. Larry didn't want to do that. If we weren't going to use his cut, he didn't want to put his name on it."
[6/5/96] The Surfrider benefit compilation, which was originally scheduled for release on Memorial Day, has been delayed until July 2. Everclear contributes a previously unreleased punk tune called "Hateful" to the album.
[4/20/96] The video for "Heartspark Dollarsign" will premier on MTV's 120 Minutes tomorrow night. A Quicktime clip of the video will probably be available at the 120 Minutes website afterwards.
[4/20/96] Everclear will be the musical guest on the Late Show with David Letterman on May 3.
[3/21/96] The new single, "Heartspark Dollarsign," is set for release on March 26. The CD single will include a radio mix of the song, plus an acoustic "Heroin Girl," a cover of AC/DC's "Sin City" with Craig Montoya on lead vocals, and an old demo of a song called "Happy Hour." The video for "Heartspark" is set in a trailer park and was directed by Larry Clark, who also directed last year's controversial film "Kids."
[3/21/96] The "MOM" Surfrider Benefit compilation album featuring the new Everclear song "Hateful" is tentatively scheduled for a Memorial Day (May 27) release. "Hateful" is a rollicking 95-second-long roots-punk tune.
[3/21/96] Rumors are circulating that the band will be heading to the studio in May to begin recording their next album, tentatively titled "Pure White Evil." The album may include as many as 20 tracks, including new versions of such hard-to-find B-sides as "Lame" and "Annabella's Song." The thematic focus of the new material is likely to be the personal and domestic issues that accompany sudden fame.
According to a radio interview with members of the Saturday Night Live cast, Everclear got to perform only one song on the program due to some of the skits running long. Hmmm... why does the phrase "fecal matter" suddenly come to mind...?
[2/28/96] Everclear will be performing on Saturday Night Live on March 16. John Goodman will be hosting.
[2/28/96] Hagfish has confirmed some dates with Everclear. Check out the Tour Schedule to find out when they'll be rocking your lame ass. Get your tickets early, or your ass is likely to remain unrocked.
[2/9/96] From Moshpit, who talked to the band at the Chicago Metro show: Their new album is being recorded in June, it will be released about this time next year, and will have get this... 20 tracks!!!
[2/8/96] From Tyler Champley: I Found another CD with Everclear material on it! Here's the info: It is called: "A Benefit for: Sisters of the Road Cafe- A Compilation" It was recorded live on July 23, 1993 at the Mt. Tabor Theator in Portland OR for the Mt. Tabor Extravaganza to benefit Sisters of the Road Cafe. Everclear songs on the CD: "Malevolent," "The Joker" (Steve Miller Band cover!). Other groups on disk: Rubberneck, Snowbud, Saliva Tree, Way Past Tense, Post Impression, Yoo Hoo Bottler. I'm not sure yet where you can pick it up. I got it through my radio station at Central Washington University (KCAT 91.5 FM Ellensburg). I have no E-mail address, so you can write me for info or a copy of it until I get more information. I will trade copies of it for other Everclear stuff. Please pass this info to anyone who is interested!

My address: Tyler Champley, 807 E 11th, Hitchcock Hall Rm344, Ellensburg, WA 98926, (509) 963-7747.

[2/6/96] "Santa Monica" is now the #5 Modern Rock single in America! It's so popular in fact that Art Alexakis asked the audience at a recent Kansas City show, "Aren't you sick of that fucking song?"
[2/6/96] Everclear has been performing a new song called "Hateful" on their current tour. The song is very fast, very punk and only 95 seconds long. The song will be included on the forthcoming Surfrider benefit album (see below).
[2/6/96] Everclear's tour with the Foo Fighters has been cancelled. I don't know why yet.
[2/6/96] Everclear's next single will be "Heartspark Dollarsign." No official release date is available yet, but the CD single will include a radio remix of the song, plus an acoustic version of "Heroin Girl," a cover of AC/DC's "Sin City" (on which Craig contributes lead vocals), and an old demo of a song called "Happy Hour." This material was previously available only on Australian imports. A video of the song has also been filmed.
[1/29/96] Found this note in a newsgroup: "Here's the upcoming schedule for MuchMusic USA's mini-rockumentary series, "Break This." The show airs Tuesday through Thursday at 8pm ET and isn't available in Canada except by satellite (sorry!). The schedule is subject to change without notice.

- Feb 20 - Everclear/Ruth Ruth"

If anyone knows what this is all about or where it can be seen/heard, let me know.

[1/29/96] Also from a newsgroup: "~Pearl Jam will be contributing a song for a record tentatively titled 'MOM' whose proceeds will benefit the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the world's waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education. Other featured artists are: Beastie Boys, Porno For Pyros, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Everclear, Sublime, Reverend Horton Heat, and Sprung Monkey, among others. A spring release is expected and you can visit their web site at:"
[1/29/96] "Santa Monica" is currently ranked as the #8 Modern Rock Single in the USA. See the full chart here.
[1/29/96] The March issue of Turntable (on online music magazine) may contain an article about Everclear. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
[1/28/96] Pop punkers Hagfish have just announced that they will be playing some dates with Everclear, beginning in March. No specific dates have been announced yet, but they will be separate from Everclear's dates with the Foo Fighters.
[1/25/96] Everclear will be the guests on Monday's (1/29) edition of the live call-in radio show Rock Line. Check with your local station to see if the show is carried in your area.
[1/21/96] Greg Eklund has written to let us know that, in fact, his dog's name is neither Giggs nor Colby. The dog in question is known to the world as Coby. Let us all heave a collective sigh of relief that the issue has been once and for all cleared up.
[1/20/96] Chris Carman's Foo Fighters homepage includes dates for the upcoming Foo Fighters tour. I'm still waiting for word on whether Everclear will be accompanying them all of the listed dates.
[1/19/96] A VJ on MTV announced last night that Everclear and the Foo Fighters are planning a tour together for this Spring. I'll let you know if I get ahold of more specific dates or info. Sounds like the tour of the year to me!
[1/16/96] Tour Update from Kyle Tonniges: A couple notes on the Kansas City show (Feb. 3). It got moved to Memorial Hall and they won't be playing the first date in Lawrence at the Granada. Cool venue, though. I saw them there this summer. Anyway, the dates got consolidated. My friend is a DJ in Lincoln NE and he talked to a rep from Capitol who knows the real deal and that's what she said. I'll be at the show too. Ruth Ruth is opening.
[1/14/96] From Perry: I just found out that Giggs (the dog I said was Greg's) is actualy his mom's dog. "Colby" is Greg's dog. They are living together though... The dogs that is. Just thought you might want to know that I goofed. Sorry 'bout that!
[1/12/96] I've just gotten word from Gary Eklund (Greg's Dad) that Greg was involved in a car wreck on Wednesday. Apparently a Mack dump truck collided with him. Gary said that Greg was not injured -- just a little shook up. Greg's car was totaled however.
[1/12/96] Everclear are mentioned in the "Random Notes" section of the current issue of Rolling Stone. Art relates a tale of his drug-clouded past in Santa Monica -- site of a recent free concert by the band. The blurb also mentioned that Everclear will be doing some dates with Silverchair in Europe beginning in February.
[1/10/96] Everclear was featured on MTV's "The Week In Rock" on 1/6/96. Among the highlights of the report was footage from the band's latest performance at the day care center that Art's daughter attends. To make the show suitable for toddlers, the song "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" was retitled "You Make Me Feel Like I'm Four." Read the transcript.
[1/9/96] Jenny Alexakis (Art's wife) stopped by to check out the page recently. She noted that her favorite Everclear tune is "Annabella's Song." Gosh, who woulda thunk she'd pick the one about her own daughter...?
[1/9/96] This astonishing news just in! From Perry: Greg (drummer of Everclear) has a dog named Giggs. Just thought you might like to know.

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