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The Everclear Discography is our attempt to catalog every major Everclear release, including compilations, singles, and EP's. At the same time, we're trying to include information about availability; if the item is still available or completely out of print.

If you spot something we're missing, please let us know!

Availability Notes

What we list as a release's "Status" typically falls under three major categories, In Print, Out of Print, and Promo.

In Print releases should be readily available, but possibly only in the country of origin.

Out of Print releases are no longer being manufactured. However, it is possible that some stores may have copies in stock.

Promo releases are typically manufactured in a limited run and have never been made available for direct sale to the public. These include radio promos as well as giveaway cd's.

Where we're not sure of status, we've simply marked the release as "Unknown".

One Status note - singles are typically manufactured in one pressing. They made a certain number of copies, and usually aren't re-pressed. So, technically, singles go out of print once they're released. However, the notes under "Out of Print" still apply; it's possible that single releases may remain available simply because the existing stock has not sold out.

Discography Notes

We keep track of promos, but we don't keep track of each and every 1-track radio promo cd that has ever been released. There are just too many of them, since each country that releases a single tends to get their own, and they only vary by artwork.

We tend to focus on North American, European, Australian, and Japanese releases. That doesn't mean that we're unwilling to note releases from other countries, though.

We're not keeping track of CD-R releases or bootlegs. The band has a clear negative opinion of bootlegs (including such popular titles as Confusion, Highly Abrasive, Strawberry Valentine, and Invoking the Mantra), and we don't want to condone their existence by including them as official releases.

White Trash Hell is an EP, and is listed in that section. (The single most-asked question about our Discography is "Why don't you have White Trash Hell?") Its listing is located here.