Everclear FAQ
Updated July 22 1999

(c)1999 Chris Blackburn (csblackb@mindspring.com). All rights reserved.

This version and all subsequent versions are enhancements of Everclear FAQ v1.3, (c)1995 Michael Kuker (jedi@ecst.csuchico.edu) & Brent Fusco (gargoyle@usa.net).

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    1) Split the sections onto different pages.
    2) Made some minor updates throughout.
    3) Updated A5.
    4) Added B10-11.


A. Band Info and History

    A1. Who is in Everclear?
    A2. How did the band form?
    A3. What bands were the members in prior to Everclear?
    A4. How can I reach Everclear?
    A5. Is there an official fan club?

B. Band Personal Info

    B1. What are the members' birthdates?
    B2. Are they, you know... taken?
    B3. Where do they live now?
    B4. What is Alexakis' background?
    B5. How do you pronounce "Alexakis"?
    B6. Who is Steve Birch? What's his connection to the band?
    B7. Is Art starting a label? Can I send him my band's tape?
    B8. Why did the band cancel shows in Australia in April of 1998?
    B9. Art's doing a solo album. Is Everclear breaking up?
    B10. Who were the guys that toured with Everclear in 1998-1999?
    B11. I hear that Art appeared in a movie. Is that true?

C. Abbreviations

D. Internet Resources

    D1. Do you know of any Everclear web pages?
    D2. Are there any mailing lists?
    D3. Is there a newsgroup?
    D4. Is there an IRC Chat channel?
    D5. Are any of the band members on the internet somewhere?

E. General Release Info

    E1. What's the deal with Colorfinger's Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun? How can I get a copy?
    E2. What's the deal with the Nervous and Weird EP? How can I get a copy?
    E3. What's the difference between the Fire Maple Song EP and the Fire Maple Song Maxi-Single? Which one is rare?
    E4. Is World of Noise out of print?
    E5. What are Confusion, Highly Abrasive, and Strawberry Valentine? Are they official releases?

F. World of Noise

    F1. Why does World of Noise sound so lo-fi?
    F2. Who was Mia Zapata?

G. Sparkle and Fade

    G1. Who are those cute kids on the cover?
    G2. In the cover photo, what's on Greg's face?
    G3. Where did that "Thank you Everclear" banner come from?

H. So Much For the Afterglow

    H1. What's the name of the secret track at the end of So Much for the Afterglow?
    H2. Who was Brent Fusco?
    H3. In "WIDBIG", Art mentions Edgar Cayce. Who was he?

K. B-Sides and Covers

    K1. Who sings "What Do I Get"?
    K2. Who originally performed...?

M. Music Videos

    M1. What's the story behind the "Heroin Girl" video?
    M2. What's the story behind the "Heartspark Dollarsign" video?
    M3. Who are the women with Art and Greg at the beginning of the dream sequence in "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore"?
    M4. That blonde girl in "Everything to Everyone" looks familiar. Where else have I seen her?
    M5. Is that little girl in the "Everything to Everyone" video Art's daughter?
    M6. Who's the guy with the accordion in the video for "I Will Buy You a New Life"?
    M7. Is that Art's wife, daughter, and son at the end of the "Father of Mine" video?
    M8. Who's that old guy in the "One Hit Wonder" video?
    M9. What's this I hear about porn stars in the video for "Boys Are Back in Town"?

S. Song Interpretations

Z. Info About This Document

    Z1. Who wrote this FAQ and why?
    Z2. Copyright and Distribution Information
    Z3. I see a mistake. I have a question. Who do I contact?

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