White Lightning List Policies

Here's some basic information you'll need while participating in the list. Please read through it all and become familiar with it - you'll be responsible for following it!

RULE NUMERO UNO: When replying to someone else's post, DO NOT quote the entire message (and especially not the entire digest) you are responding to. Feel free to quote a few relevant sentences or a short paragraph, but if you quote the entire message, it causes the digest to become unnecessarily long and redundant. DO NOT FORGET THIS! A first infraction will result in a warning; a second infraction will result in your removal from the list.

2) The list is not moderated, but it is monitored to make sure that it is not abused. In the past, this has been a very civilized list with something of a "family" atmosphere. In other words, we're here to discuss our opinions of Everclear, spread news and information about the band, and to help fans keep in contact with one another.

3) Try to keep non-Everclear-related discussions to a minimum, but feel free to discuss other bands and events if you think they would reasonably be of interest to other subscribers.

However, certain types of behavior will not be tolerated -- if you're just here to cause trouble or spew bile, please unsubscribe now to save me the trouble of having to do it for you. This is not to say that you can't criticize the band (it would get boring real quick if no one did), just be intelligent about it. Also, gratuitous personal attacks will not be tolerated. Basically, if you're here to have fun, make friends and learn more about Everclear, you're here for the right reason.

4) The following actions will not be tolerated, and may result in dismissal from White Lightning.

If you are ever concerned that a post you want to send might be "inappropriate" by the guidelines listed above, do one of the following BEFORE POSTING:

5) NOTE! If, at any time, your mailbox reaches it's quota limit in size and begins bouncing messages, you will be automatically unsubscribed from White Lightning. If you know that you may have size problems with your mail account, please unsubscribe from White Lightning and subscribe to the White Lightning Digest.

That's it! We look forward to hearing from you.

White Lightning was established by Brent Fusco. The above information was typed by Brent on Thu Sep 5 1996 and updated by Chris on Tue Feb 17 1998.

White Lightning is operated by Chris Blackburn (csblackb@mindspring.com). All administrative and editorial decisions affecting the list are made by him.

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