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Last updated: 7 October 1996

Welcome to the first Everclear homepage on the WWW -- Home of best hard rock band on the planet. I hope to make this page as comprehensive as possible, so I have no objections to unsolicited contributions. Please e-mail any info you have on the band, and I will certainly add it. Rock on.

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[10/5] Updated Tablature Page. Added "Sick & Tired" (bass/guitar), "Heroin Girl," "Pennsylvania," "Laughing World" and "Invisible."
[10/5] Added "Nehalem" to Tablature Page. (And ain't it about time?)
[10/2] Updated the Tour Schedule and the Alternate Bootleg List.
[10/1] New Gray Area question: What do you want from Pure White Evil?
[9/24] Updated Their Sexual Life and Brand New Skin: Two new Everclear songs!
[9/23] Updated the Strawberry Patch.
[9/22] Added "Sparkle" to Tablature Page.
[9/20] Added world's first Tracy Bonham Homepage to White Trash Ties.
[9/17] At long, long last, I have renovated the Tablature Page and added many new songs, including Chemical Smile, Hateful, Her Brand New Skin, Summerland and My Sexual Life.
[9/9] New tour report from Greg: Kicked in the pants at the MTV Awards!


Nehalem Exclusives

  • Their Sexual Life. Current rumors/buzz about the band.
  • Miles and Miles Away. Everclear's Tour Logs -- the band's personal reports from the road!
  • Brand New Skin: All the known details of Everclear's forthcoming releases.
  • White Lightning. Subscribe to the official Everclear mailing list!
  • Gray Area: Interactive discussion area.
  • Big Black Boots. Everclear bootlegs for trade.
  • Alternate Bootleg List. For those who have no Everclear bootlegs to trade.
  • Guestbook. Please sign in and vote on your favorite Everclear song!
  • Reference Material

  • Tour Schedule. All the latest dates.
  • Discography for Everclear, Colorfinger and Jollymon.
  • Guitar Tablatures.
  • The Everclear FAQ. Version 1.3.
  • Names on a Map: Other Everclear homepages.
  • Leaving Nehalem: Links to articles and reviews about Everclear.
  • White Trash Ties: Links to homepages of friends of Everclear.
  • Lyrics

  • "Sparkle and Fade" Lyrics.
  • "World of Noise" Lyrics.
  • Non-Album Lyrics.
  • Multimedia

  • Cross-Eyed and Smiling. Pictures of the band.
  • The Happy Noise. Quicktimes and sound clips in many formats.
  • Other Stuff

  • Everclear's Top 10. The band members' all-time favorite albums.
  • Everclear Merchandise. Places to buy most Everclear recordings.
  • A photo of me, Brent, your humble webmonster, with Greg Eklund.
  • Fan Mail. How to write to the boys.
  • E-mail that I've received from Everclear! My first contact with the band.
  • Strawberry Patch. Bummed and/or strung-out? Take a break here.


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